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The main distinguishing feature of the touch switches is that they do not require a mechanical action on any governing body. The impact of the switch occurs when you touch the active (touch) area. Structurally, they may be either the keys or buttons.

Livolo touch switches a combination of elegance and advanced technologies. Switch panels are made from toughened glass and have different color options. Switch have blacklight indicator. Electronic components ensure safe operation and tested to 100,000 cycles. Ability to control wirelessly provides additional control over the state of the connected lighting devices.

Livolo touch switches designed for load control circuits in residential and non-residential areas. Outdoor use is not allowed.

Technical specifications:

  • Panel dimensions: 80x80 mm
  • Panel material: tempered glass
  • Operating voltage: 110-250V/50-60Hz AC power
  • Max current:
  • Max load: up to 2000W
  • Operating conditios: -30~60°С, humidity <95%
  • Own consumption: ≤0.1mW
  • Compatibility: incandescent bulbs, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps (220V, and a low-voltage transformer 12V and 24V), fluorescent lamps (with electronic ballast), LED bulbs and LED strip.

In the above instructions used set of equipment purchased in the Livolo store at Aliexpress.

The official website of Livolo company.

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