Project conception

Smart home?

Today, market offers a variety of different engineering solutions that enable you to control your home. Goals and objectives are often very similar, but they do not cover all the needs of the user. The cost of them is high, and the functional artificially limited by set of interfaces or licenses. Choice is complicated by the emergence of a large number of "smart" products for the home - devices that allow you to control lighting, climate and virtually anything with your mobile device.

What is the difference submitted solutions?

First, all of the selected components are available on the market, not required any physical modifications.
Secondly, solution scalable, and provides significant integration options of different equipment.
Third, it allows you to create the "smart home" by creating a rules of engagement system components.
What is especially interesting, the total cost of the components presented solutions do not exceed $200 US.

For what?

To answer on this question I need to tell you a little about myself. I'm an engineer, for a long time engaged in the design, implementation and support of various engineering systems. In July 2013, my life changed a bit due to a serious back injury, and I found myself alone with my home. I realized how much it is not adapted to life in the current physical condition. Then I outlined the currently most important system that I would like to manage without getting up from the bed and began to finding the optimal solution.

The basic system requirements:

  • Ability to control lighting.
  • Ability to control curtains drive.
  • Ability to control air conditioning.
  • Ability to control a television receiver.
  • Have the user interface for mobile devices.

With help of what?

As central element of the system I will use single board computer Raspberry Pi 3 with the automation platform openHAB. For transmission of control signals I'll use the controller Broadlink RM Pro, with it's help can be organized signaling via infrared and radio frequency at 433 MHz. As actuator of lighting systems perform a sensor switch producted by Livolo company with the possibility of control over the air.


It is very simple. Just four simple steps.

Only 15 minutes and you already have the ability to control the lighting of your home with your favorite mobile device!

Next steps?

"Smart home" system is not only able to manage a light bulb with a mobile phone, it is a set of interconnected components. Further development and structure of the system depends only on your desire.

Possible development:

  • Increase the number of touch switches.
  • Adding new devices controlled via infrared or radio channels (TV, air conditioning, sockets, etc.).
  • Create a management scenarios in the automation system openHAB.
  • Connect to openHAB new modules to interact with a variety of hardware and software.
  • Increase the number of controllers Broadlink RM Pro to ensure maximum coverage.

This project is developed by me in order to demonstrate the possibility of creating affordable housing solutions for automation, as well as to showcase my skills. I hope this solution will benefit you and your family.

I am ready to render any possible assistance in the implementation of projects based on this solution. I am pleased to accept any comments, observations and suggestions.

I would appreciate for help in raising funds for the acquisition of rehabilitation.

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